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Attention Radio Hobbyists...

  • Amateur, CB & SWL
  • Vintage Radio and Television
  • Broadcast History and Related
  • Repair & Restoration Resources
  • Construction & Experimentation

Connect With Others

  • Set up DynaTags with your interests
  • Help others with questions & needs
  • Interested members are emailed automatically when you post an item or ask a question!

Anyone in the United States and Canada now has access to the best radio hobbyist resources on the World Wide Web. They can purchase items, respond to Questions and Wanted posts. They can see the clubs and related activities in their area, and contact each other by email. Cadet membership is FREE. Of course, buying is always free. RADIORANGER.COM is not an auction site: you sell your sell with Buy it Now or Best Offer within a time frame that you designate.

More Secure

Forums and simple posting sites are loaded with swindlers. Here, the profile of all Rangers are made available to buyers and sellers. Offenders are blocked when identified and prevented future access whenever possible.

Save Money - Dropkick Ebay!

Have you bought and sold anything on EBay? EBay is loaded with silly drop-ship items, and the good items sell at a high price. Why? Selling a single $200 can cost $20 in EBay charges alone - plus PayPal fees, integrated shipping services and other marketing contrivances. With RADIORANGER.COM, you can sell for no fee. Unlike EBay, you control your shipping calculations, and how you can receive payment. You won't have to pay for silly "features" you don't need. You won't be amazed at the credit card bill you receive at the end of the month - because there is no bill! RADIORANGER is funded by contributions and advertising.

Introducing DynaTags

Something you can't do on EBay is have emails sent out to everyone who has expressed an interest in locating your specific item. With a Radio Ranger membership, you can direct RADIORANGERS.COM to send you an email when an item comes up for Sale, or when a Question or Wanted post on an item or topic is made, based on DynaTags you have created.

  • Make sure you check out MANUALMAN.COM if you need manuals for your new Flex radio.

Welcome to our Grand Opening.  Please contact if you have any problems.

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